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Ham Radio Operators LMR 400 Transmission Line

When designing your antenna and transmission systems it is important to know the facts. Large companies who own factories overseas have an interest in maintaining quality control. Cable failing quality inspections is sold off to users on eBay falsely labeled as Times or another brand name. We sell other quality cables made in the US but Times Microwave LMR240 and LMR400 continues to be the best seller. Selecting the best cable for your application is important so please take your time and find the best…
Mainland Chinese manufacturers are becoming well known for substituting off brand dielectric, substandard copper alloys and adulterated jacket material in an attempt to keep profit margins up. The difference in materials price in making a jacket that lasts 20 vs.a few short years is substantial! The Genuine US made Times Microwave produced LMR400 coax sold by MPD Digital and USACOAX is far superior to and should not be mistaken for the poor (or even decent looking) counterfeits calling themselves LMR-400 that are offered by many sellers.

All Coaxial Cable is NOT created equal. Times LMR cables are totally different than the cheapee coax cables you find with poor design and pot metal alloys. What happens to the power lost by poor cable construction? Transmitter power lost as it travels down poor quality coax is radiated as heat. A problem with coaxial cables made with cheap substandard alloys is they begin to heat up as soon as power is applied. This is not good!

Times Micro LMR-400 includes one physical channel as the center wire of aluminum surrounded by pure copper that carries the signal without loss. Constant foam dielectric insulation surrounds the center conductor to separate it from the second transmission channel on the outside of the table. The outer channel of LMR-400 is the shield comprised of metal tape and and braided copper tinned for easy soldering. LMR-400 is specifically designed to achieve the lowest transmission losses at frequencies from 0-6GHz and can carry signals with the lowest loss to antennas over a great distance.

Times Microwave has invested millions in researching the cable the rest of the world is copying. When compared with old style RG type braided cables, LMR-240 or LMR-400 coaxial cables offer far lower loss and better RF shielding than RG8/U, RG8x and RG-58 50 Ohm Cables. In order to attain the low loss offered by standard hard corrugated coax cables but get the flexibility needed from average Ham and CB installs Times Microwave produces LMR400 and LMR240 standard and ultraflex type cable. Times Microwave’s LMR240/400 cables are the leading technology employed by Ham, CB, and WiFi users worldwide.

A good cable assembly takes into consideration Ham, CB or WiFi system requirements and is selected to meet specific transmission requirements. Mass market antennas and cable where the same components are used regardless of frequency or use are common in every big box store. With a little attention and some consideration of usage factors you can produce much stronger signals at a far lower cost than buying the pretty box on the shelf.

As SageMaiden, Kim has been running her custom coax business on eBay and Amazon for many years selling Times LMR400 US Made coax cable assemblies. Kim never sells cheapo Commie Cable and has sold thousands of custom made cable assemblies. Before buying cable see her other articles: LMR-400 50ohm & 75 Ohm | Coaxial Cable and Transmission loss
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