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We custom manufacture Times Microwave and other US Made and Assembled RF coaxial antenna cables. MPD Digital is a Veteran Owned, Woman Owned, Small Business operating within the Albany, Ga, HUB ZONE with all warehousing and production facilities in Southern Georgia about 150 miles South of Atlanta. We are incorporated as Kimberly Distribution LLC.

Kim Nelson owns, and operates Kimberly Distribution LLC / MPD Digital and manages all production and daily operations. In addition to Commercial, State and Government sales, she has sold direct to customers on eBay and Amazon for many years selling over 100,000 custom cable assemblies of Times Microwave US Made coax cable to Amazon.com each year. Kim and MPD Digital Never sell cheap Chinese Cable and ship hundreds of custom made cable assemblies to Hams and commercial radio operators each day.

MPD Digital Custom Cable

MPD Digital Production Facility

With our warehouse and production facility in Albany, GA, MPD Digital stocks large quantities of bulk coaxial cable and thousands of connectors. MPD  has significantly expanded operations in support of it’s -Name Brand- USA MADE  Times Microwave, MPD Digital, Andrew, Consolidated, & Alpha Cables and  performs cable production for Retail, Commercial and Government clients.

We will continue our tradition of over 10 years of eCommerce and Direct Sales and we provide you with the best service possible as we manufacture direct for OEM use as well as consumer sales. Please see our LMR-400 & LMR-240, 195, RG-214, RG213 & RG58u US Made cables, WiFi Antennas, and other made in the USA products. We will continue to specialize in goods for Ham and CB radio as well as Wi-Fi and computer components: 

Customers can now custom design and build their own U.S.A. Made LMR and RG cables on USACoax.com

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