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35% Off LMR-400 for Amateur Emergency Services


ARES  RACES  MARS  CFARS  RAYNET  SKYWARN  WICEN and all other EMS Volunteer Organisations!


100 Feet LMR-400 with N male connectors $86.00
50 Feet LMR-195 with PL-259 connectors $31.00

Custom Lengths cut to the Foot/M at no extra charge:

Times Microwave LMR-400 80 cents per Foot US $2.65 per Meter
Coleman RG-213 MILSPEC 80 cents per Foot US $2.65 per Meter
Times Microwave LMR-195 50 cents per Foot or US $1.60 per Meter
Termination with any connector installed for $3.00*

We can provide a total of 5000 feet of cable assemblies at a these prices.  We will ship World Wide at cost. Feel Free to share this information.

For the rest of November 2014 MPD Digital is pleased to offer Antenna Cables to Amateur Emergency Services organizations at a significant discount.  This discount is for official stations offering services through ARES, RACES, MARS, CFARS, RAYNET, SKYWARN etc. as well as Volunteer Fire Stations.

Our Goal is to assist these Volunteer Organisations by providing antenna cable to upgrade or update current transmission lines.  This discount is for systems directly used to provide services and is not intended for individuals broadcast rigs.

MPD Digital has always provided Discounts to Emergency Services Providers. This year we are significantly increasing this discount, we have moved into our new facility and purchased additional production equipment. We are also now  purchase cable in 50,000 foot lots direct from Times Microwave. We hope this discount helps volunteers continue to provide valuable service.

To order an LMR-400, LMR-195 or RG-213 cable assembly please use the Contact MPD Digital form and let us know what cable you need. We can work with you to ensure you receive what you need and either send a payable invoice or provide other payment instructions.

* DIN Connectors  cost is $26 each.  If you choose DIN terminations we will have to charge $26 per connector