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New MPD-400PVC Super Flex Coaxial Cable

New MPD-400PVC Super Flex Coaxial Cable

MPD-400PVC – ONE coax cable providing the following:

  • High Quality, inexpensive coaxial cable with the ultra low loss and power handling of LMR-400*

  • Ultra Low Loss from DC to 6 GHz matching Times Microwaves famous LMR-400UF*

  • The Extreme Flexibility of LMR-400UF* (Ultra Flex) from -15 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, but at a low cost

  • A White jacket for Marine use and a Black jacket for standard applications

  • Meets the Ultra Low Loss requirement set by Iridium for external antenna installations

  • Provides excellent service for HF, UHF, VHF, Cellular (up to 6 GHz 5G), SatPhone, and WiFi installations

How do you design a cable as good as LMR-400UF and charge less for it?

What we came up with in fielding MPD-400 is a Hybrid. We have the flexible, non-contaminating jacket of a US Made RG-213 cable. Inside the jacket are Dual Shields of tinned copper braid and metal foil, bonded to a PE Foam Dielectric to maintain high efficiency, VF, and low loss. The center conductor is flexible aluminum clad in pure copper. This is the same construction Times Microwave uses that allows flexibility and excellent signal retention due to skin effect. Did we end up with a cheaper version of LMR-400 UltraFlex * No – we did not. Keep reading – we found that there was NO WAY to get a cable as good as UltraFlex by building it cheaper.

We had to make trade-offs. When we got to 85% of the flexibility of LMR-400UF* we hit the wall. We could achieve 90% – but only at a substantial cost increase. We were looking for a coax to retail for around $1 per foot. This would demonstrate a significant cost savings to LMR-400UF*. To add 5% more flexibility to our MPD-400 would raise the retail price to $1.35 per foot. A 35% price increase for a 5% gain in flexibility. The engineering change would also cost us some of our formable characteristics. We decided in favor of price point. If we could give folks 85% of the flexibility and equal RF performance for half the cost – we felt like we had something.

What is MPD-400PVC?

To get here, we experimented. We had some Marine customers, a couple of Cruise Lines, NOAA, and a ton of sailboat owners who wanted a cable with the power handling and Ultra Low Loss of Times Microwave’s LMR-400* without the stiffness, and the ability to form the cable around curved bulkheads and not have it try to spring back straight. We also had a customer up in Canada that wanted the same qualities, but the ability to use this flexible cable year round up in Yellowknife.. Outdoors. These customers needed a flexible low loss cable that would meet the rigid standards for Iridium Satellite Phone installs on their vessels, as well as the ability to use the same cable for WiFi, Cellular, VHF, UHF and other RF requirements.

Just as important for MPD-400, was providing this at a lower price point than Time’s famous LMR-400 Ultra Flex. Times Micro designed and builds LMR-400UF* to be excellent coax. The construction and engineering is superb, but the price is high. The quality is second to none, but the rubberized jacket and braided center adds additional costs. We approached a long time partner, Consolidated Wire, to design a custom coax cable. Conwire has been building wire and cable in their factory just outside Chicago since 1919 – their 100th Anniversary in business is later this year! Consolidated is the manufacturer of our RG-213, RG-8x, and RG-58 cable. They also build some LMR type cable for other companies, and so have experience with the construction. Working with them we produced our first run of MPD-400 Marine coax.

When we began offering the White MPD400 we were immediately asked if we could provide it in Black. We held off doing this to see how the cable would perform in the field and if it would fully meet customer expectations. After two years of installations and no returns for cable failure, we moved into designing a formable, super flexible coax in both Black and White. We wanted a cable that would hold a two to three inch coil, be fully flexible, and easy to install – when you bent it around a corner, it needed to hug the wall and stay put. At the same time, the cable had to fill the same role as a standard 400 series coax with all the bells and whistles.

When to use MPD-400-PVC

We were extremely successful in MPD-400, fielding a coax that can be used for around 85% of RF requirements. Non-contaminating, UV protected, and ready for 20 years outdoor use. Bottom line – our MPD-400PVC is not as good as LMR-400UF* – it’s Different. For a great many applications it can act as a direct drop in, for some things such as holding it’s shape during installs, it’s much better. For other applications such as a jumper from the pole to a rotor mast where constant twisting takes place, it is totally unsuited. But for the vast majority of RF installations, it will work, and work well – At a great Price!

When should you NOT USE MPD-400PVC

  • When the cable could be in standing water. (NO PVC Jacketed coax should be direct buried)
  • Connecting a jumper from your rotor to your antenna. -Repeated flexing in the same spot will cause failure before 5 years of use.
  • Where the cable will be constantly rubbing up against concrete of other abrasive surfaces. -This is where PE jacketed cables really shine
  • When use will cause repetitive 75 degree or greater bends in the same spot. -In this case always use LMR-400UF*
  • When you need a cable that has the ultimate in flexibility for it’s size. That is LMR-400UF!

* LMR is a Trade Mark of Times Microwave Systems. MPD-400 series PVC jacketed coax is NOT LMR. We are proud to offer LMR-400 and all other Times Microwave cables to our customers. ALL LMR coax sold by MPD Digital is made by Times Microwave Systems in their factory located in Wallingford, CT.

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What is Happening with Pricing on LMR and RG Type Coax Cable Assemblies?

What is Happening with Pricing on Cable Assemblies? every ham radio operator needs good antenna cable and an elmer

WHY are you are paying higher costs for coax antenna lines and jumpers and HOW TO AVOID IT

If you have been shopping for antenna cables lately you may have noticed that prices on LMR* and RG type coax cable assemblies are up sharply.  In fact, the price of a 100 foot Genuine Times Microwave LMR-400 Antenna transmission line from us is up a whopping $38 each!  This is no accident.  We held the price on coax pricing for a year now while costs have steadily risen.

In order to reduce costs we have laid off two employees and cut back hours for all. But the time has come to raise RF cable assembly prices.

Manufacturers are increasing prices due to demand and the rise of copper prices.  As the economy continues to expand the cost of copper is going up. Without diluting the copper content by adding tin or iron like the Chinese, the cost of manufacturing cable is going up as well.

WHY Are Cable prices rising

  • TIMES MICROWAVE PRICE INCREASEOn 1 April, Times Microwave increased wholesale cable and connector costs for all distributors.  A coil of Times LMR240 cable that used to cost $100 now has a wholesale cost of $108.00
  • CONNECTOR PRICES ARE UP – With copper prices higher so to is the price of Brass – this means we are paying 15-18% more for quality connectors because we will NOT use the cheap Chinese ones.
  • HIGHER SALES FEES – Amazon presented sellers with new contracts raising commission fees.  On our cable assemblies we paid a wrap fee of 9% commission on the sales and shipping cost. The new contract raises this to 19.97% for every item sold on the site.  This means for a $100 LMR-400 cable, we now have to charge $110.47 just to get paid the same amount as before.
  • SHIPPING COSTS ARE RISING – For years now, it has been cheaper for a Chinese company to ship a counterfeit LMR240 cable from Shanghai to Atlanta, GA CHEAPER than we can ship a real cable assembly of the same size from Southern GA to Atlanta…  This has gotten much worse with postage rates up significantly again this year.
  • THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE SHIPPING – I don’t care if you are a Prime Member, or have some other deal.  Shipping costs are always built int the sales price.  WE get charged for every cable shipped to YOU. When shipping costs rise – so does the sales price. I could actually save on postage by relocating to China…
  • GOOD FOLKS COST MORE! – Thankfully, SW, GA is not a high cost area.  Never the less, we pay out technicians living wage even by the standards of much more metropolitan areas.  By the time they are fully trained and get their General License our techs building Antenna Cables full time make a decent living – their counterparts in China make $4 per Day and get free Rice…

mpd digital builds custom rf cable assemblies cor radio and cellular use  HOW TO AVOID PAYING THE HIGHER PRICES ON ANTENNA AND JUMPER CABLES!

  • CHANGE VENUES – Check out our MPD Digital E commerce site USACOAX.COM – Not only will you avoid having to pay the extra fees but you can choose from over 20 Types of RF Coaxial Cable and hundreds of connector combinations.  YES there is a small shipping cost on each order, but your total cable price will be LOWER.
  • TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SPECIALS – Right now we still have two thousand feet of CU400 for 69 cents per foot and Times Microwave Brand LMR-600 for $1.24 per foot!  100% USA MADE COAXIAL CABLE – Cheap!
  • CONSIDER ALTERNATIVES – Think copper cable is high?  Look at Silver RG-214!  We have Silver RG-223 at a good price that will work just as well for short runs.  Do you NEED LMR-400? Or will another USA Made LMR type cable with a smaller diameter or with the same specifications and warranty work for you?  What if you could save 30%???
  • CALL US – You never know what we might have sitting on the shelf we can offer you a “one time good deal” on 🙂  There are tons of cable types we have just a little of – If we have only a few hundred feet of a cable we don’t spend money listing and marketing it. We will discount this coaxial cable to get it Gone!

REMEMBER – We don’t sell crap coax!  EVERY CABLE TYPE we stock meets stringent quality controls and is made in the USA, Switzerland, Holland, Germany or Taiwan.  ALL of them have a 10 year warranty on the coax itself and a 5 year warranty on the cable assembly and connectors.  We would be bankrupt if we didn’t sell good Coax.

*LMR is a Registered Trademark of Times Microwave Systems.  ALL LMR coaxial cable used by MPD Digital is made in the Times Microwave plant in Wallingford, Connecticut.

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Times Microwave LMR-600 LESS THAN the price of LMR-400

Times Microwave LMR-600 LESS THAN the price of LMR-400

LMR-600 Coaxial Cable ON SALE

Genuine LMR-600 Coax we purchased Direct From the Times Microwave Systems factory in Wallingford, Connecticut for $1.24 cents per foot! This isn’t some LMR600 knockoff brand or “Salvage” coax but fresh new Times Microwave Systems cable direct from the factory.

Cable Specifications from Times Microwave

Long story short, in order to free up some cash we are clearing out up to 5000 feet of LMR-600 at only $1.24 per foot. PLUS – we have had manufactured to OUR specifications both PL-259 and N male connectors for LMR600. These ARE NOT Cheap Chinese Connectors! We will terminate any length 600 cable with either connector type for $6 each while this special lasts.

As a Times Distributor sometimes we get some Amazing Deals from the factory. But there is always a catch! In this case we were able to buy LMR-600 for the same wholesale price we pay for LMR-400 BUT we had to buy 50,000 feet! Frankly, we don’t really have enough Times Micro LMR600 business right now but the offer was too good to pass up…

Yes, LMR 600 is “Stiff”, after all it is thick Ultra Low Loss coax!  600 will give you the lowest loss cable run out there and for 70cm, 33cm, and 23cm, along with ALL the higher frequency Bands will make a world of difference!  You can transmit the full legal limit on all Ham Radio Bands and get more of your signal to your antenna.

HOW do you handle this stiff cable line? USE PIGTAILS – for commercial applications including AM Radio Stations we build N male to N male LMR-600 transmission lines and on each end add a Pigtail such as N female to PL-259.  You get the most signal and great flexibility for your connections.



For this limited offer I’m not updating with these prices. If you want to order online just let me know (click here) and I will send you an invoice you can pay via Any Credit Card or PayPal.

Phone Orders

Call our Toll Free line at 888-624-0480 and ask for the LMR-600 Special. We will take any credit card over the phone.

Fax orders

Fax in your order for any amount of LMR600 to 845-396-1371

Mail Orders

For folks who like Snail Mail we do too 🙂 Just tell what you want with a check or Money order to:

MPD Digital LMR-600 Sale

415 Flint Ave.  Albany, GA 31701

MPD Digital LMR-600 from Times Microwave

MPD Digital LMR-600 8 pallets of cable!

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LMR-400 Cables SALE – 30 Percent OFF While They Last

For a short time you can capitalize on a Times Microwave Oops at the factory.  Save 30% off the sales price for all types of LMR-400 cables we build. If you missed the “Collectible” LMR we sold a couple of years ago that had all the Times Microwave LMR-400 text printed Mirror Image backwards, now is your chance!

It seems maybe the interns are back working at the cable marking and printing station again at Times’ Wallingford Connecticut factory.  We received a couple of thousand feet of LMR-400 in our last shipment where the Times Microwave LMR-400 printing on the coax jacket is smeared, spotty, or missing over much of the coax on the reel.

This is rock solid, top quality, USA Made LMR cable with no Flaws – except you can’t read the white letters on much the jacket.  It still carries our warranty, exchange policy and a 5 year repair policy on connectors.  There is nothing wrong with the functionality of the cable assemblies!

The other thing is what we did to the cable in house.  We have an order for 500 50 footers from Amazon prior to Christmas and without examining the cable our techs went to work.  Long story short, most of  the LMR400 cable is currently in 50 foot coils…  There is Only 575 feet (sorry, all mismarked runs over 50 feet are gone – PLENTY of 1st quality LMR-400 and Ultraflex available) of coaxial cable available for building runs longer than 50 feet.

You can place orders for any length, but don’t be upset if we contact you and tell you 50 ft or less. We can provide LMR-400 at lengths up to 50 feet with any connector combination you like.  Need BNC to Mini-UHF, FME to TNC, PL-259 to SO-239, No Problem – just select the connectors you need and order your LMR-400 cable using Coupon Code LMR-400-30.  Orders will ship within 2 days of receipt.

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Sponsorships for HAMFESTs Field Days & Group Functions


Sponsorships for HAMFESTs Field Days & Group Functions

If your Ham Club is having a group function MPD Digital wants to Help!  We will provide free Door Prizes and Cable Assemblies of all types to assist with your event.  MPD Digital believes that by growing and sustaining Ham Clubs and the Amateur Radio community we will all grow together.

Just use our contact us form or shoot us an email at and we will work out a package of Jumpers, Antenna Lines, Connectors, or other Items that fit your event.  Brands we work with are Times Microwave, Coleman, CommScope, Andrew, Antennacraft, Laird, Maxrad and other USA Made products.

It’s no Secret we hope you will come back to us with future business and think of us First when you need any products for Amateur Radio or Wireless Internet, but our Sponsorship Program has No Strings Attached.  We don’t require any compensation – but a link back to our website here at MPD Digital from your Club website would be greatly appreciated!


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35% Off LMR-400 for Amateur Emergency Services


ARES  RACES  MARS  CFARS  RAYNET  SKYWARN  WICEN and all other EMS Volunteer Organisations!


100 Feet LMR-400 with N male connectors $86.00
50 Feet LMR-195 with PL-259 connectors $31.00

Custom Lengths cut to the Foot/M at no extra charge:

Times Microwave LMR-400 80 cents per Foot US $2.65 per Meter
Coleman RG-213 MILSPEC 80 cents per Foot US $2.65 per Meter
Times Microwave LMR-195 50 cents per Foot or US $1.60 per Meter
Termination with any connector installed for $3.00*

We can provide a total of 5000 feet of cable assemblies at a these prices.  We will ship World Wide at cost. Feel Free to share this information.

For the rest of November 2014 MPD Digital is pleased to offer Antenna Cables to Amateur Emergency Services organizations at a significant discount.  This discount is for official stations offering services through ARES, RACES, MARS, CFARS, RAYNET, SKYWARN etc. as well as Volunteer Fire Stations.

Our Goal is to assist these Volunteer Organisations by providing antenna cable to upgrade or update current transmission lines.  This discount is for systems directly used to provide services and is not intended for individuals broadcast rigs.

MPD Digital has always provided Discounts to Emergency Services Providers. This year we are significantly increasing this discount, we have moved into our new facility and purchased additional production equipment. We are also now  purchase cable in 50,000 foot lots direct from Times Microwave. We hope this discount helps volunteers continue to provide valuable service.

To order an LMR-400, LMR-195 or RG-213 cable assembly please use the Contact MPD Digital form and let us know what cable you need. We can work with you to ensure you receive what you need and either send a payable invoice or provide other payment instructions.

* DIN Connectors  cost is $26 each.  If you choose DIN terminations we will have to charge $26 per connector

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