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3FT LMR-240 With PL-259 (UHF Male) Connectors Times Microwave…


3FT LMR-240 With PL-259 (UHF Male) Connectors Times Microwave Coax Cable Jumper



Genuine Times Microwave LMR coax for Wireless and WiFi Antenna Connections

These Antenna cables are Ultra Low Loss to provide and maintain the strongest signal from your equipment. A good antenna does no good if cheap coax loses your signal prior to reaching it. Our Made in the USA< coax is 100% guaranteed with a 60 Day Refund and 1 Year Exchange policy. With 9 years on eBay and 100,000 antenna cables sold we stand behind our products!

There is no such thing as LMR-xxx Equivalent Coax

Times Microwave makes it's cable under United States Patent Numbers 6,831,231, 6,780,360, 6,610,931, 6,292,072, 7,942,697. What this means is that every company claiming to make "Equivalent" cable CAN'T. They must use different Jackets, Different Dielectrics, and Different Conductors.

Why would anyone market their cable as Equivalent? Because it won't Stand on Its Own, so it is sold as an imitation. Other Good US Companies that make Ultra Low Loss cables, CommScope, Andrew, Coleman, General, etc. NEVER market their coaxial cable as Times" LMR-400 Equivalent", legitimate manufacturers just don't do that.

There is a Huge Difference between Genuine Times Micro LMR and cheap Chinese Imitations (for one thing Times weighs 10- 20% more, hint, Tin weighs less than Copper).

Flexible: With a 20mm minimum 90 Degree bend radius, LMR cable can be easily routed into and through tight spaces without kinking.The Patented LMR bonded metal-tape outer conductor provides superior flexibility and ease of bending compared to corrugated copper or smooth wall copper hard-line cables. "LMR Equivalent" coax loses signal where ever it is bent.

Low Loss: LMR has lower loss than other RG type cables. This is achieved through the use of a high velocity dielectric and a bonded aluminium tape outer conductor.The proprietary gas-injected closed cell foam dielectric prevents water migration through the cable and provides excellent crush resistance. "LMR Equivalent" coax is not crush resistant.

Weatherproof: The UV protected black polyethylene jacket makes the cable rugged and resistant to the full range of outdoor environments. Times Microwave Coaxial cable is rated for 20 years outdoor exposure standard "LMR Equivalent" coax is not.

RF Shielding: The bonded aluminium tape outer conductor is overlapped with tinned Braided Copper Shielding to provide 100% coverage, resulting in >90 dB RF shielding (>180 dB crosstalk) and excellent interference immunity (ingress and egress). No "LMR Equivalent" coax is UL and FCC rated for 100% shielding.

Phase Stability: The intimately bonded structure and foam dielectric of LMR cables provide excellent phase stability over temperature and with bending.The high velocity dielectric results in superior phase stability as compared with solid and air-spaced dielectric cables. This is the reason NASA does not use "LMR Equivalent" coax.

Certified Testing: Times Microwave LMR cable has been certified by The US Military, NADIC, NASA, and the FCC with all testing independently validated. "LMR Equivalent" coax is tested by the manufacturer, it's pretty easy to make test results come out the way you want if they are never verified.

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