MPD Digital Coaxial Cable Manufacturing Process

MPD Digital USA Made Cable Assemblies

Programmable Coaxial Cable Stripping Machine

Every coax connector is assigned stripping criteria by the manufacturer detailing exact measurements and depth for stripping each type of cable used for a specific connector.  Our new computerized machinery is programmed with over 900 specific strips for termination of each connector and cable type we use.

Using rotating titanium carbide blades the 5400 cuts cable jackets and inner shield to specifications and strips the dielectric perfectly without marring the center conductor.


Making hundreds of cables a day is impossible without hi quality crimping presses. MPD Digital uses multiple pneumatic crimping machines from DMC, Kings and Pasternack. Each machine uses calibrated dies correct for a specific cable type.

Both the Kings and DMC machines we use apply two tons of crimping pressure to the exact point on the connector ferule to provide the strongest terminations.

Metcal, the original SmartHeat Soldering inventor

While the majority of our cable assemblies use crimped connectors, many connectors use soldered pins and for LMR-400 and other cables MPD offers PL-259 connectors that are milled Brass with heavy Silver plate and Teflon Dielectrics. In order to properly use high temp lead free Silver solder MPD employs advanced Metcal soldering stations.

Lead Free Silver Solder requires a higher constant temperature delivered in a very small tip area to quickly flow the solder into the shielding braid without damaging the dielectric. Our investment in Metcal machines allows us to produce consistent, quality, PL-259 terminations.


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