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Times Microwave LMR-600 LESS THAN the price of LMR-400

Times Microwave LMR-600 LESS THAN the price of LMR-400

LMR-600 Coaxial Cable ON SALE

Genuine LMR-600 Coax we purchased Direct From the Times Microwave Systems factory in Wallingford, Connecticut for $1.24 cents per foot! This isn’t some LMR600 knockoff brand or “Salvage” coax but fresh new Times Microwave Systems cable direct from the factory.

Cable Specifications from Times Microwave

Long story short, in order to free up some cash we are clearing out up to 5000 feet of LMR-600 at only $1.24 per foot. PLUS – we have had manufactured to OUR specifications both PL-259 and N male connectors for LMR600. These ARE NOT Cheap Chinese Connectors! We will terminate any length 600 cable with either connector type for $6 each while this special lasts.

As a Times Distributor sometimes we get some Amazing Deals from the factory. But there is always a catch! In this case we were able to buy LMR-600 for the same wholesale price we pay for LMR-400 BUT we had to buy 50,000 feet! Frankly, we don’t really have enough Times Micro LMR600 business right now but the offer was too good to pass up…

Yes, LMR 600 is “Stiff”, after all it is thick Ultra Low Loss coax!  600 will give you the lowest loss cable run out there and for 70cm, 33cm, and 23cm, along with ALL the higher frequency Bands will make a world of difference!  You can transmit the full legal limit on all Ham Radio Bands and get more of your signal to your antenna.

HOW do you handle this stiff cable line? USE PIGTAILS – for commercial applications including AM Radio Stations we build N male to N male LMR-600 transmission lines and on each end add a Pigtail such as N female to PL-259.  You get the most signal and great flexibility for your connections.



For this limited offer I’m not updating https://USACoax.com with these prices. If you want to order online just let me know (click here) and I will send you an invoice you can pay via Any Credit Card or PayPal.

Phone Orders

Call our Toll Free line at 888-624-0480 and ask for the LMR-600 Special. We will take any credit card over the phone.

Fax orders

Fax in your order for any amount of LMR600 to 845-396-1371

Mail Orders

For folks who like Snail Mail we do too 🙂 Just tell what you want with a check or Money order to:

MPD Digital LMR-600 Sale

415 Flint Ave.  Albany, GA 31701

MPD Digital LMR-600 from Times Microwave

MPD Digital LMR-600 8 pallets of cable!

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