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LMR-400 Cables SALE – 30 Percent OFF While They Last

For a short time you can capitalize on a Times Microwave Oops at the factory.  Save 30% off the sales price for all types of LMR-400 cables we build. If you missed the “Collectible” LMR we sold a couple of years ago that had all the Times Microwave LMR-400 text printed Mirror Image backwards, now is your chance!

It seems maybe the interns are back working at the cable marking and printing station again at Times’ Wallingford Connecticut factory.  We received a couple of thousand feet of LMR-400 in our last shipment where the Times Microwave LMR-400 printing on the coax jacket is smeared, spotty, or missing over much of the coax on the reel.

This is rock solid, top quality, USA Made LMR cable with no Flaws – except you can’t read the white letters on much the jacket.  It still carries our warranty, exchange policy and a 5 year repair policy on connectors.  There is nothing wrong with the functionality of the cable assemblies!

The other thing is what we did to the cable in house.  We have an order for 500 50 footers from Amazon prior to Christmas and without examining the cable our techs went to work.  Long story short, most of  the LMR400 cable is currently in 50 foot coils…  There is Only 575 feet (sorry, all mismarked runs over 50 feet are gone – PLENTY of 1st quality LMR-400 and Ultraflex available) of coaxial cable available for building runs longer than 50 feet.

You can place orders for any length, but don’t be upset if we contact you and tell you 50 ft or less. We can provide LMR-400 at lengths up to 50 feet with any connector combination you like.  Need BNC to Mini-UHF, FME to TNC, PL-259 to SO-239, No Problem – just select the connectors you need and order your LMR-400 cable using Coupon Code LMR-400-30.  Orders will ship within 2 days of receipt.


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